Yoga for IBS

Yoga for IBS

movement synchronised with breathing to help you reduce pain, bloating and stress

  • Why would Yoga help my gut?

Your gut and nervous system are connected. When you feel stressed, your nervous system is activated and this can contribute to gut symptoms. Yoga is a movement practice that calms your nervous system.

  • What does the research show?

Studies have shown that yoga for IBS is a safe and complementary treatment. One study shows it is at least as effective as the low FODMAP diet for IBS! And it’s not just IBS, if you have IBD or other gut symptoms it will likely also benefit you too.

  • What is the package?

2 sessions every month via Zoom

  1. Yoga class: 1st Saturday of the month (9:00 – 10:15 UK time)
  2. Community breathwork: 3rd Wednesday of the month (20:00 -21:00 UK time)
  • Am I suitable?

Yoga for IBS is suitable for all levels and abilities as long as you are comfortable putting weight through your wrists and sitting on the ground

  • What if I miss a session?

Access to all recordings will be provided

  • How much is my contribution?
£25 per month via direct debit
  • How do I sign up?

Sign up for Yoga for IBS here and you will get a link to all sessions!