My Story

My Story

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When I discovered the inextricable link between mind and body, clues began to emerge as to how we can utilise it to influence our digestive health.

My story begins as a busy junior doctor working long, stressful shifts. I graduated from Bristol medical school in 2011 with both a medical degree and a degree in medical ethics & law - as well as a short lived reputation as a breakdancer!

I am continuously grateful for my medical training. It has taught me that health is tangible with my fingers on the pulse, ear to my stethoscope and eyes on the 'most obvious abnormality.' Yet as a junior doctor, stress was no longer a term confined to my biology text book - I began to develop digestive dis-ease.

With segregation of mind and body becoming obvious in mainstream medicine, my journey began taking me deep into the ancient healing arts. Little did I know at the time, modern science was beginning to demonstrate the benefits of yoga and breathwork for our health.

My first ever job was in Gastroenterology. I fell in love with the pace, brea(d)th and depth of this phenomenal set of organs - and I never looked back. Yet beyond the visible signs of inflammation, the abnormal scans and deranged blood tests, my patients - and even my own body - began to teach me that there is more to gut health than meets even the trained eye.

As a physician intrigued, I decided to take a sabbatical and pursue research in the discipline of Neurogastroenterology, otherwise known as the brain-gut connection. My research topics span lifestyle factors including sleep, breathing & nutrition.

I qualified as a Vinyasa flow Yoga teacher in 2018 - synchronising breath with movement to support digestive health. I then went on to obtain a diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy - evidence based techniques used throughout the world to manage anxiety and pain in particular. No sooner did I discover that Breathwork is the glue that binds this all together.

These are tools which can help you when tailored in a bespoke way to suit your needs.

My life's work is to merge mainstream medicine with lifestyle for digestive health, closing the gap between East & West through trustworthy tangibility.

Wellbeing takes practice. Let me be your guide. In Love & Light - Dr. Rabia