Gut Health Retreats

Gut Health Retreats

Summer 2023 - now open

Does the busyness of modern life leave you feeling stressed, fatigued and bloated?

Are you looking for ways to lower the impact of stress on your gut?

Ready to reduce pain, bloating and anxiety simply by moving and breathing well?

Take a pause from busy modern life to slow down, de-stress and focus on healing your gut

This day retreat is a unique opportunity to experience how yoga can improve your gut health, designed and delivered by a gastroenterologist / trained yoga instructor. Together, we will explore movement patterns to rewire your gut-brain connection and practice breathing techniques to relieve pain, bloating and anxiety

Gut Health Retreats - Summer 2023 - now open
“I absolutely loved last year’s gut-centred yoga retreat. It felt so good to carve out some time to focus on slowing down and healing. Every detail was perfect – the breezy yoga tent in a wildflower meadow, the delicious gut friendly lunch and the restorative movement sequences. With her warmth and inspiring guidance, Dr Rabia built an amazing sense of community and the perfect escape from hectic daily life." – Olivia Rawes, diagnosed with UC

Key benefits:

  • escape the hustle of daily life to reconnect with yourself, and put yourself first
  • learn new techniques to manage your gut symptoms
  • practice ways to unwind, de-stress and re-discover the root causes of your gut issues
  • explore movement patterns to soothe your nervous system which you can use again and again
  • meet others just like you, exchange gut health tips and walk away knowing that you are not alone

What's included:

  • 3 x 90 minute yoga classes (2 x flow and 1 x restorative) - suitable for all levels
  • movement coaching from a holistic gastroenterology doctor
  • 2 x course gut friendly lunch, taking into account your individual food allergies and intolerances
  • unlimited herbal tea and fresh fruit
  • opportunity to wander the wildflower meadow of Knepp Wildland Safari

**2023 Bonus features**

  1. Written handout with key takeaways from the session including my expert book recommendations
  2. Recipe e-book by gut health chef Emma Hatcher - "She Can’t Eat What!"
  3. 1 x month free supply of Optibac probiotics - the U.K's most recommended friendly bacteria supplements
  4. Goody bag containing 'The Gut Stuff' high fibre snack bars and symptom diary

**Total value - £50

Gut Health Retreats - Summer 2023 - now open
“I was lucky enough to go on Dr Rabia's Gut Health Retreat last summer. It was a really great day - as well as the three great yoga sessions, Rabia shared lots of useful knowledge from her clinical background as a Gastroenterologist and CBT Hypnotherapy training. I came away with many tools and tips to manage my stress levels, and regulate my nervous system, which I'm still using now a year on! I would highly recommend this for any IBS sufferers interested in learning more mind-body tools for managing their symptoms. She also organised an amazing lunch, which catered to everyone's dietary preferences! I would highly recommend!" – Tasha Hedges, diagnosed with IBS


10.00 – 11.30: time to yield: gut health yoga class 1

11.30 – 12.00: comfort break: herbal teas and fresh fruit

12.00 – 13.30: time to rise: gut health yoga class 2

13.30 – 3.00: lunch break: community sharing & walking in the meadow

15.00 – 16.30: time to rest: gut health yoga class 3

16.30 – 17.00: closing circle


First 5 people to book get an early bird discount rate!

10% discount if you are a member of Yoga for Gut Health community - email Dr. Rabia for the coupon code or to join

Venue and price details can be found on the booking page

“I found the yoga retreat with Dr.Rabia a tonic. It was hugely helpful and the perfect blend of Dr.Rabia’s deep clinical insight and yogi wisdom. In the 25 years since I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, I have found it extremely rare to encounter a person who can bring both disciplines together, and the yoga retreat was both deeply restorative and very informative. Dr. Rabia creates a warm, inviting atmosphere conducive to true rest and healing. Highly recommend.” – Sophie James, diagnosed with Crohns disease

Book Sunday 9th July


Book Saturday 29th July